We customize every study. We prioritize the objective, make sure the information is accurate and challenge the interpretation from different points of view.

  • Qualitative Research in terrain - Analysis in recognition.
  • Semiotic Analysis
  • Digital Environment Interpretation
  • Gender Analysis
  • State of the Art Reports
  • Economic and Statistical Reports
  • Quantitative Study. Statistical Interpretation


Immersions in the studied object, product or population worlds.

  • Designed to align goals and objectives
  • To evoke what it is already known about them and deepen what it needs to be addressed.



We make use of our teaching experience to encourage thinking, learning and discovery of:

  • New ideas
  • New ways of looking at the world
  • New tendencies and the mainstream.
  • Inspirational cases
  • Challenge of notions and concepts


We design specific work methods to generate productive collaboration

  • About cases
  • About specific problems
  • About ideas
  • To devise / create / imagine
  • To plan
  • To learn




We find and understand primary and secondary audiences in the digital era and their relations to physical worlds.

We identify topics, ideas, feelings and emotions which are relevant for each audience in a particular moment or situation.
We co-create moments and narrative platforms which are pitched for intended audiences.